Tax Services

At Jeffrey L Jackson CPA LLC, we simplify the tax filing process and make tax compliance easy for our clients. Our team of tax professionals have the experience and knowledge to maximize refunds and minimize obligations.

Why Hire a Professional Tax Preparer?

Everyone is good at what they do and this is true of us. As seasoned tax professionals:

  • We work with the tax code, tax forms and tax compliance daily.
  • We study tax code changes to know what changed and how it impacts clients.
  • We enjoy finding opportunities to save clients money.

As a firm that focuses on income tax preparation, we guide you through the filing process and relieve the stress.

Tax Planning is for Everyone

Tax planning is one of the most important steps in the income tax filing and compliance process. Without a tax plan, you may miss out on deductions, recognize income in the wrong year and pay more tax than necessary. Living without a tax plan is like driving cross country without a map -- you can get there, but you may make wrong turns and incur extra costs.

A strategic plan may allow you to increase after-tax income and assets over time.

Tax Preparation Services

Whether you are an individual filing form 1040 or a business filing as a corporation, S-corporation, or partnership, we can help.

Individual Taxes by Canton CPA Individual Taxes
Our individual tax services will save you money and keep you in compliance.
Business Taxes by Woodstock CPA Business Taxes
Tax services for small and medium businesses -- sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and s-corporations.

For professional tax advice and service, contact our office today at (678) 919-1250. We offer services tailored to your needs.