Virtual Tax Appointments

What is a Virtual Tax Appointment?

Virtual tax appointments are a new, easy and convenient way to have your income taxes prepared by a tax professional using your:

Smart Phone

Using these devices, you communicate with and transmit information to your dedicated tax professional to prepare your taxes.

Virtual Tax Process

The virtual tax preparation process includes everything that you'd expect from a traditional tax preparation including:

  1. Consultation
  2. Preparation
  3. Review
  4. E-Sign
  5. Submitting

Best of all, you can have your taxes prepared from anywhere such as:

Even Vacation!


We value you as a customer and want to meet your needs.  If at any time during the virtual tax process, you believe that an in office appointment would be beneficial, please let us know.  We're alway happy to see our clients in person.

How It Works

There are 5 easy steps to complete the Virtual Tax Preparation appointment.

  1. Contact us by calling (678) 919-1250
  2. Complete our online tax questionnaire (individuals click here, businesses click here)
  3. Scan or photograph your tax documents
  4. Send your documents through our secure portal, the tax questionnaire, fax, traditional mail (USPS/FedEx) or dropoff
  5. We prepare your returns and contact you to finalize them.

Finalizing the Returns

Once we've prepared the returns, we'll hold an exit conference with you.  During this video conference or telephone call, we'll:

  1. Review the Tax Returns with You.
  2. Answer Your Questions
  3. Obtain Your Signatures and e-File the Returns

If you opt for a video conference, we use Skype and Ring Central Meetings to conduct the exit appointment.

What You'll Receive

At conclusion of the Virtual Tax Appointment, you'll receive everything that you need -- just as you would with a traditional tax appointment.  We provide:

  1. An electronic copy of the returns for your records.
  2. Comfort in knowing that your returns were prepared accurately and that you claimed all of the deductions you were allowed by the IRS.
  3. A trusted tax and financial professional who is available throughout the year.

Ready to Begin Your Virtual Tax Appointment?

Before you start your Virtual Tax Appointment, please review our Get Ready page for a listing of documents we need to prepare your tax returns.

When your are ready to begin your Virtual Tax Appointment, click the appropriate button below.

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions, you may reach us via email at or call us at (678) 919-1250.


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