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Maximize Your Business Deductions, Minimize Your Taxes!

The income tax code is complex and most business owners find it difficult to understand.  Due to the code's complexity, the risk of filing an inaccurate return is high.  If you overpay your costs you money.  If you underpay your taxes...the penalties and interest will cost you money.  Often, the best option for filing business tax returns is to hire a qualified tax professional to prepare your business tax returns.

As a business customer of Jeffrey L. Jackson CPA LLC, I'll build an ongoing relationship with you so I understand your business, what's happening in it and an understanding of your goals.  This knowledge will allow me to advise you on tax-saving strategies, minimize your tax liabilities, and increase your net worth; all while ensuring compliance with the tax code. 

Types of Businesses and Tax Returns

  Business Type Income Tax Form  
  C-Corporation Form 1120  
  S-Corporation Form 1120S  
  Partnership Form 1065  
  Limited Liability Company (LLC) Form 1120, 1120S, 1065 or Schedule C  
  Sole Proprietor Schedule C of Form 1040  

The Tax Preparation Process

Typically, the tax preparation process begins with a scheduled tax appointment.  During the meeting, we'll review your prior year tax returns and your current financial records such as the income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, bank statements, key transactions, asset purchases & disposals, and payroll tax returns.  Upon conclusion of the meeting and receipt of all required tax documents, firm personnel will begin the return.  Preparation takes a few days from receipt of your documents.

The firm offers free e-Filing of business tax returns.  E-filing is the simplest way to file your return as there is no need to go to the Post Office and pay postage.  Plus, with e-Filing the firm will receive confirmation within days that the returns were accepted by the IRS and state Department of Revenue.

Books a Mess? No Books? No Problem!

If you own a small business and haven't kept your bookkeeping up-to-date, don't worry.  Jeff Jackson CPA is here to help!  The firm offers complete bookkeeping services and can use your bank statements and credit card statements to create a clean set of accounting books.  An added benefit is that at the completion of the return, you'll receive a QuickBooks file that you can use to keep track of your accounting for the new year.

We partner with small, medium, and large businesses to provide prompt and cost-effective accounting, tax, planning, and payroll services.

If you are in need of accounting and tax assistance in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Canton, or anywhere in Northwest Georgia, contact our office today at (678) 919-1250.

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